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Preparing for the A-level Examinations?

Our top scorers have some advice and encouragement to share!

Cultivate good habits and right mind-set

Do Anh Tu.png Do Anh Tu
“Balance and time management are keys to success.”
Nicole Tan Soon Ning.png Nicole Tan Soon Ning
 “Learn to enjoy what you learn and always believe in yourself.” 
Ashok Kannadhasan.png Ashok Kannadhasan
“It's not about where you start, it's about where you end", thus put your best foot forward in every task that you do.”
 Wen Jia Jun Joel.png Wen Jia Jun, Joel
“It's never too late to start studying. do not be afraid to ask questions and always ensure that you grasp the concepts fully”
Felicia Tan Syin Yi.png
 Felicia Tan Syin Yi
"Take heart, regardless of your circumstances."
 Preston Toh Yong Rui.png  Preston Toh Yong Rui
"Always make sure to get enough rest."

Maintain your focus and persevere

Dylan Sidhu
"Don't ever give up even during the most challenging of moments. You will eventually improve if you persevere and work hard. In addition, always clear your doubts early!" 
Dylan Sidhu.png
Marcus Law Wai Kiat
"The end justifies the means; the process of studying hard leads to an awesome finish. Stop procrastinating and let your results justify your hard work."
Marcus Law Wai Kiat.png
Feng Zhengqing, Mark
"Never give up, even if it seems impossible. Throw your phone away because it is a distraction!"
Feng Zhengqing Mark.png
 Lan Heng
"Do not give up, even if you're tired or have failed. Evaluate and work harder for the next test. Don't be afraid to ask for help."
 Lan Heng.png

Keep good company and stay positive

Ang Wei Qian.png Ang Wei Qian
"Study with a group that motivates you to study even more. Believe in hard work. Don't be complacent. Remember: Good grades need endless zeal."

Foo Chee Hwee.png
Foo Chee Hwee
"Surround yourselves with only good and positive influences."
 Tan Wee Khong.png Tan Wee Khong
"Your teachers want what's the best for you; listen to what they have to tell you and follow their advice."

There you have it! Some tips and encouragement from a few of our students who have attempted and succeeded tremendously at the A-level examinations. We hope their words offer you a boost in your own journey. All the best!