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Student Leaders(old)

studentleaders.jpgStudent Leaders

The Student Leaders, comprising the Students’ Council and the House EXCO (Executive Committee), are the top-tier leaders of the student body. A rigorous selection process, involving initial screening, interviews, an understudy period, shortlisting by teachers, and finally voting by the student and staff population of the college, ensures that all those chosen are good role models and strong team players, who are exemplary in conduct and values, and are worthy ambassadors of the college. Through attendance at various seminars, workshops and a yearly overseas immersion programme, student leaders develop their understanding of leadership, and practise it in different contexts as they organise various events. Not only do they lead the student body, as leaders among leaders, they also train and share their hard-earned leadership knowledge with their juniors and peers.

The student leaders seek to create an environment and culture where college values flourish and students are proud to be members of YJC. They collaborate on organising a number of key college events, most notably the orientation programme to induct new JC1 students, and constantly create opportunities to enhance and develop college spirit.

Students’ Council

The Students’ Council is led by an executive committee, headed by the president of the Students’ Council. As representatives of the entire student body, it seeks ways and means to improve the welfare of students, communicates between the students and the college management, and articulates the needs and interests of the student population. It is also responsible for conceptualising, planning, and executing key events which are essential for college spirit, such as the college orientation programme for new students, and annual Prom Night for graduating students.

House EXCO

In YJC, students are divided into five houses: Admiralty, Canberra, Peirce, Rodney and Seletar. The House Executive Committee (EXCO) is made up of the leaders of these houses. Each house is led by a captain, a vice-captain (sports), a vice-captain (non-sports), and a secretary. The House EXCO aims to enhance college identity through fostering a spirit of friendly competition between houses. It works together to organise inter-house competitions, such as the annual inter-house games, the college track and field meet, and the inter-house cross-country competition, which are essential for bonding students within and across houses. House EXCO members also play key roles in planning and executing the JC1 orientation programme, instilling a sense of belonging to house and college right from the beginning of a new student’s YJC experience.