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YJC achieves awards at the 2016 Singapore Science and Engineering Fair (SSEF)

SSEF, organized by MOE, Science Centre Singapore and A*Star, is the most prestigious science fair in Singapore. Our students have done the college proud by achieving a Bronze and Merit award for their research projects detailed below.

SSEF Award

Project Title

Synopsis of Project

Teacher mentor


Cryptographic Anti-Counterfeiting Measures for Official Currencies

It is often neglected that countries can develop the capabilities to print well-counterfeited notes of other countries’ currency if they are determined. Moreover, common people are not able to easily and reliably identify them, thus allowing counterfeiters to evade detection. To tackle the issues, we use cryptography as it has the potential to solve this problem and was successfully used in Bitcoin. In this research project, we designed a cryptosystem with an application to tackle cloning of notes, ensuring that only one note per serial number can be authenticated. We assume that verification is carried out in secure communication between the Verification Authority (VA) and users, and that the VA is trusted and robust. The cryptosystem consists of four phases: the Production Phase, the User Account Creation Phase, the Authentication Phase and the Content Update Phase.

Mr Jimmy Goh


Optimisation of VO2 thin films (hydrogel) to be used in Smart Windows

This research project reviewed one of the processes to produce VO2 thin films (hydrogel) and determined the concentration of VO2 that should be applied to a window to achieve the optimum amount of solar energy passing through a window. This will minimise the use of electricity to cool down the room and yet provide enough light during daytime. The target is to decrease the critical temperature of VO2 before using it to form a composite material. VO2 has a critical temperature of around 60°C which causes it to be inapplicable in most countries. Therefore, it is vital to decrease the critical temperature of VO2.

Mdm Tay Woon Ping