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Spotlight on... Top scorers from ELDDS (Debate)

         Left to right: Debate Vice-President Koh Kai Ting, Petrina (228), President Leah Chua (225), and Training Manager Ashley Teh Jia Hui (228)

These three students are an excellent example of hard work paying off, both for their CCA, the Debate Society, and also in their studies, with all three achieving stellar grades at the 2017 A-level Examinations. Passionate about debate, Leah, Petrina and Ashley sought to bring the experience to their schoolmates. They didn't only represent the college in the Intercollegiate Debates; with the belief that debating could be enriching for everyone, they led the Debate Society in initiating the College-Wide Debate Competition for all YJCians. 

In additional to this inspiring leadership and vision, the trio were also extremely motivated students. When interviewed, the quality they mentioned most often was "determination". And they definitely walked the talk - often seen studying and even consulting teachers together, they surely spurred one another to stay focused. Besides the support of good and like-minded friends, the three are also thankful to their teachers. In Petrina's words, "Our teachers have been most nurturing, forgiving and patient with us. And I cannot be any more thankful for each and every single opportunity YJC has given me to pursue my interests and gain greater exposure." 

What's next for these outstanding students? All three have expressed an interest in pursuing Law. We wish them all the very best!