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2015 A-level Results

Congratulations to all our students on their A-level performance. They have done the college proud! Our students come from all walks of life, and here are some of their stories of overcoming challenges and achieving success.

Top scorers share their achievement with their teachers

me began their junior college journey with high L1R5 points. Others found it difficult to juggle their studies with co-curricular activities. And then there is Sattur Sanaya Milind, who remembers her struggle to concentrate due to difficulties getting along with her classmates in her first year.  

What these students and eventual top scorers had in common are teachers who believed in them, and who invested in their learning and well-being. 

Sana1-1 Sattur Sanaya Milind.jpgya scored As in General Paper, Economics, Literature, History, Mathematics, Project Work, and a B in French. She remembers how her Project Work tutor, Miss Nadiah Razali, was a great listener. “She was there for me through the tough times.”

Toh Ding Jun, who scored As in Biology, Chemistry, Mathematics, Economics, Project Work, and a B in General Paper, shares Sanaya’s appreciation for his teachers. “They were always there for me, [providing] emotional support and consultations that supported me holistically.” 

Lim Jun Xiang and Gordon Quek Kok Rong also knew they could count on their teachers’ support. Jun Xiang played his part by being hardworking and asking teachers for help, and his efforts were more than matched by his teachers – Jun Xiang especially highlighted his General Paper tutor, Mr Loh Weijie, “He would always help to mark the [extra] practices I gave him, and then hold consultations with me to tell me about my mistakes.” Jun Xiang would go on to receive Bs in General Paper and Project Work, and As in Chemistry, Economics, Mathematics, Physics, and Chinese Language.

Similarly, Gordon’s experience is a perfect example of the caring culture here in Yishun Junior College. He shared that various teachers provided “enlightenment”. Gordon can definitely testify to the fruit of these efforts: he received As in General Paper, Economics, Literature, History, and Project Work. 

Moha1-2 Mohammad Shaheed Soeh.jpgmmad Shaheed Soeheb LAR, who scored As in General Paper, Economics, Literature and History, gives all his teachers a huge vote of confidence; when asked if he had any tips or advice for his juniors, he simply replied, “Ask the teachers for help.”
In the same way, Fencing captain, Jeremy Ang Jie Heng, credits his achievement to the unceasing effort
s of his teachers – from the extra lessons given by Mr Koh Jong Meng to the patience of Mr Wong Yih Check and Mdm Nai Yuan Ting. Jeremy may have begun his junior college career with L1R5 17 points, but he eventually achieved a commendable A in Physics, and Bs in Chemistry, Mathematics, Economics, General Paper and Project Work.

Whether it be emotional support from pep talks, extra time and attention for consultations, or their quiet belief that bolsters confidence, it is clear our students are deeply thankful that each and every teacher has been so willing and ready to go the extra mile in support and encouragement.

Supportive family provided much-needed boost for these top scorers

These students faced many different pressures, from the stress of failures to having difficulty grasping complex concepts. Thankfully, they also have supportive family watching their backs.

One n2-1 Irsyaad Hasif Bin Ramle.jpgotable example is Irsyaad Hasif Bin Ramle, who found it challenging trying to manage various responsibilities in his co-curricular activities, research programmes and studies. On top of that, he was also the assistant Class Representative. Irsyaad received As in General Paper, Biology, Chemistry, Mathematics, Geography, and Bs in Project Work and French; he credits his achievement to his parents, “they were a constant source of motivation during periods of distress.”

Other family members can also play a big part. Keith Soh Jing Xiang shared that his older brother was instrumental in his success. In his own words, he “played a lot”, and remembers having performed very badly in his JC1 Block Test. But his brother, despite being busy with his own university examinations, provided much-needed motivation. “He encouraged and scolded me, and reminded me to keep my focus.” Keith heeded his brother’s tough love, and eventually scored As in Economics, History, Mathematics, and Bs in China Studies in English and Project Work. 

WayCapture1.JPGne Neo Rui En has a similarly inspiring experience to share. Wayne was posted into the college with L1R5 19 points. “My O level results were the lowest point in my education life. I reflected weeks on them and still felt really lost. Finally, my older bother stepped in and gave me my biggest wake-up call. He basically scolded me, ‘You're lucky enough to still be in a JC! Can you take some responsibility for your learning?’” Wayne goes on to elaborate on how his brother, even while juggling his National Service demands, would book out and still remember to check in on Wayne’s progress. In fact, his entire family chipped in to support him through what he considers to be the most stressful part of his junior college life – the revision period leading up to the A-level examinations. “I have an incredibly strong 'weekend support crew'. Knowing how hard I was working, my parents always treated me to a nice breakfast every Saturday morning to get the day started right. We would enjoy Saturday mornings together, laughing at my brother's army stories. Saturday mornings always gave me a great morale boost.” 

We are happy to share that Wayne benefitted from that boost: he received As in Chemistry, Mathematics, Economics and Project Work, and B in Physics.