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Physical Education

2014_PE_Prog small.png      An overview of PE programme


The programme is designed to promote physical fitness, develop motor skills, instil knowledge and understanding of rules, concepts, and strategies of games, and to teach students to work as teams in a variety of recreational and competitive activities.


Physical Education allows students to:
  • discover the strengths of their hearts, stamina of their bodies and perseverance of their spirit;
  • explore their diverse talents, work as teams, and learn life-skills that promote social-emotional growth; and
  • mobilise their bodies for a fitter future with good health and vitality.

We desire to cultivate:

  • thinking individuals who appreciate that a healthy body leads to a healthy mind;
  • self-motivated, confident and self-disciplined students
  • confident, articulate and passionate enthusiasts who pursue excellence in their favourite sports and games; and
  • advocates of Sports and Health Science for a holistic lifestyle.