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Mathematics is an important subject for the growth and enhancement of a person's intellectual competence in logical reasoning, spatial visualisation, analysis and abstract thought.

Mathematics education in YJC aims to enable students to:

  • develop the necessary process skills for the acquisition and application of mathematical concepts and skills;
  • develop mathematical thinking and problem solving skills;
  • develop the abilities to reason logically, to communicate mathematically and to learn cooperatively and independently;
  • develop a positive attitude towards mathematics through KLDD (Know it, Love it, Do it, Do it better); and
  • cultivate effective learning habits through the three Ps (Preparedness, Punctuality, and Perseverance).
YJC offers H1 Mathematics, H2 Mathematics and H2 Further Mathematics, as well as enrichment opportunities such as the Math Enrichment Programme, learning journeys and international competitions. With a rigorous curriculum and a team of committed and passionate teachers, the Mathematics Department provides a quality learning experience for students.