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Our Vision

YJC students are active learners and proficient users of their Mother Tongue, proud of their culture, able to grasp opportunities provided by the new era and be responsible citizens to the country and community.

Our Mission

  1. To enhance students’ language competencies and appreciation of the Mother Tongue language and culture.
  2. To instil the right values in students and encourage them to contribute to their community and country.
  3. To sharpen students’ creative and critical thinking skills so as to strengthen their readiness to face the challenges and opportunities in the changing world.

Mastery of the Mother Tongue Languages, in addition to the English Language, will give students a competitive edge. It will also enable them to develop a sense of identity through deeper appreciation of their culture, tradition, literature and history. To achieve that, we have a varied and differentiated programme that caters to different learning needs, abilities and interests.