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Parent Engagement

What is YJC PSG?

  • It stands for Yishun Junior College Parent Support Group

Who comprises the YJC PSG?

  • YJC principal and teachers from the PSG Committee
  • Volunteers among parents of YJCians

What is the purpose of YJC PSG?

  • To act as a liaison group between parents and the college
  • To support the college in the conduct of college activities
  • To foster collaboration between parents and the college to generate ideas and implement programmes to enhance the quality of YJC students’ academic and non-academic pursuits of YJCians

What has the PSG done so far?

  • The current YJC PSG was formed in early 2009.
  • The PSG has been actively aiding the college to develop the character of students by :
      1. Being role models: parent volunteers participate yearly in setting up and manning the flea market booth at the college annual Celebrating Values Day. Parents also take time to assist the college in ad-hoc activities like college emergency drills and staff health checks.
      2. Being involved in our children’s JC journey: We organise seminars for parents of JC1 students on Project Work (PW) as well as plan other relevant parenting seminars.
      3. Showing concrete support for our children in their struggle through the high-stakes examinations: parent volunteers organise and distribute night snacks to support those staying late in the library to prepare for the exams.

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