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Talent Development Programme (TDP)

YJC’s Talent Development Programme holistically develops and nurtures YJCians with high academic ability into global-ready leaders that exhibit 21st century competencies. 

The 2-year programme is built upon a foundation programme which all selected students undergo and three focus pillars from which students can select enriching activities to enhance their learning.
The foundation programme aims to enhance students’ self-awareness and self-management through activities such as one-to-one mentoring, personal profiling programme. 
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Students are given opportunities in three different areas of focus and achieve exposure to at least one opportunity within each pillar upon completion of the programme. 

For Pillar 1 - Leadership in Service and/or Academics, students can build up their leadership skills through either: (a) Service to the school or (b) Contributions to the academic community. For Pillar 2 - Global Awareness & Perspective, students can look forward to a myriad of seminars, workshops and enrichment activities which aim to broaden their global perspectives and deepen their global awareness. Last but not least, for Pillar 3 – Active Citizenship, students will understand and learn to be active contributors to their immediate and broader communities.

Students in TDP can look forward to a developmental roadmap build upon the college’s RaDiAL character development framework and a holistic education in YJC.