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Malay Elective Programme (MLEP)

Yishun JC will be offering the Malay Language Elective Programme (MLEP) from 2018 onwards. This programme was first introduced and has the following objectives:

  • Nurture promising students to attain a high level of language proficiency in Malay, and enhance their understanding of Malay literature and culture
  • Provide further opportunities for students who are academically able and linguistically talented
  • evelop students to become effectively bilingual, both in the Malay language as well as the English language so as to better serve the needs of our nation

Course Content
The two-year MLEP programme prepares students to sit for H2 Malay Language & Literature at the ‘A’ level examinations. Academically able students are encouraged to take up H3 Malay Language & Literature.

Enrichment Activities
The MLEP provides a wide range of activities to enhance students’ language learning and cultivate a deeper interest in Malay language and culture. The programme includes overseas immersion trips, a creative writing workshop, publication of students’ works, literature camp, talks, forums and discussions.

Students must have attained at least one of the following grades for the ‘O’ level examinations:
  • B4 in Higher Malay Language (HML) or
  • A2 in Malay Language (ML)

Programme Incentives

  • Bonus Points
Students who apply and are selected for the MLEP are eligible to enjoy 2 bonus points for admission to the respective schools. However, students who use the 2 bonus points for entry will not be allowed to withdraw from the MLEP.

  • Malay Language Elective Scholarship (MLES)

MLEP students who are Singapore Citizens and achieved outstanding academic results in secondary school or the GCE ‘O’ Level examinations will be considered for the MLES awarded by MOE.
    • The MLES is tenable for 2 years.
    • Recipients will receive an annual scholarship allowance of $1,000. School fees will also be covered, subject to an annual cap of $2,400. Recipients are not required to enter into a bond with the Singapore government.
    • The MLES is awarded on the condition that the student remains in the MLEP and offers H2 Malay Language and Literature. There is no restriction on the choice of the remaining subjects that the student offers.
    • The renewal of the MLES is subject to the recipient’s JC1 examination performance and conduct.

  • MLEP certificate

A certificate of recognition will be presented to students upon completion of the two-year programme.