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Co-Curricular Activities

Our CCA programme aims to:
1.    Promote the participation and achievement of excellence
2.    Inculcate a sense of social responsibility in our students through the Values-in-action Projects
3.    Develop P erseverance, R esponsibility, I ntegrity, D iscipline and E nterprise in students through their involvement
4.    Equip students with necessary life skills
5.    Develop potential student leaders to L ead others and who are E xemplary in conduct, A spire to greater heights, and are D edicated to serve the community

All our students must be actively involved in at least one CCA. CCA will be held twice a week with a minimum of four hours per week. Besides training, our CCA programme includes CCA exchange and study programme, event planning, and service-learning Values-in-Action projects. 

The following lists the CCAs offered in the college:

Visual and Performing Arts Group (VPA) - 11
Art Club
Chinese Cultural Society (CCS) 
Chinese Orchestra (CO)
Dance Club
English LDDS (Drama)
Guitar Ensemble
Indian Cultural Society (ICS)
Malay Cultural Society (MCS)
Musicians' Club 
Symphonic Band
YJC Chorale

Clubs & Societies (CS) - 7
English LDDS (Debate)
Interact Club
Library Council
Makers' Academy
Outdoor Activities Club (ODAC)
Strategy Club
Student Leaders 

Physical Sports (PS) - 14
Air Weapons
Modular Sports (Frisbee) 
Table Tennis
Tenpin Bowling
Track & Field