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Counselling & Guidance

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Our Senior School Counsellor is Ms Joan Low and together with the Department for Student Well-being, Ms Low runs comprehensive School Counselling Programme at YJC for our students. 

School Counselling Programme at YJC

The School Counselling Programme at YJC provides services to facilitate the social and emotional development of all students in our college, as well as build the teachers’ capacity in providing a culture of care for our students. The Programme for 2016 includes the following components:

  1. Guidance and Developmental Programme
This consists of structured programmes for students to help promote positive mental health, resilience, confidence and other life skills. Examples of guidance programmes planned for the year include the class-based resilience workshop for all JC2 classes in term 2 and the .b (pronounced ‘dot-be’) programme for selected classes. 

dot b logo 1.pngThe .b programme is an 8-week mindfulness course developed in the UK and has been positively evaluated by University of Cambridge and Oxford in their research study in 2013. At present, YJC is the only school in Singapore offering the .b programme to students. The objectives of the .b programme at YJC are to teach students mindfulness as a life skill so they can use it to:

Concentrate better, improve focus and improve sustained attention
Cope with stress, anxiety and other negative mind states
     Improve cognitive flexibility and adaptability to changing situational demands

YJC students who have gone through the .b programme have found it particularly helpful in improving concentration and coping with the inevitable stress of the ‘A’ level curriculum. For more information on the .b programme at YJC, please write in to Ms Joan Low. 

2. Responsive Services

Responsive services consist of meeting the needs of students with social, emotional and/or behavioural difficulties through individual or group counselling sessions, consultation, crisis counselling and referrals to external agencies. Students can seek counselling support for a range of difficulties including relationship issues with friends and family, academic concerns and other psycho-emotional issues. 

Miss Low abides by the Ethical Standards for School Counsellors in Singapore and students are assured of the confidentiality of all issues discussed within the session in order to create a safe and respectful environment for counselling to take place.  

3. Systems support and consultation

Ms Low also provides consultation to YJC’s school leaders and management on emergent trends in the issues faced by students and collaboratively develops strategies to meet these emergent trends. This also includes training of teachers to build their capacity in providing a culture of care for the students on relevant topics and consulting with teachers on case management issues.  

The counselling room is located within the Student Resource Centre and students may make an appointment through SMS or email. For more information, students may refer to the counselling blog or send an email to low_dar_fen_joan@moe.edu.sg.