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National Education


National Education at the post-secondary level encourages students to explore different perspectives and viewpoints, and to analyse the gains and trade-offs involved in resolving conflicting needs in society, before coming to their own reasoned conclusions.  

Globalisation, changing demographics and technological advancements are some of the key driving forces of the future.  NE@YJC prepares our students to seize the opportunities brought about by these challenges.
The NE@YJC Learning Experience

Students will be deeply engaged in progressive thought leadership development that aims to develop them into critical thinkers and global ready citizens.

                                       NE experience over 2 years

Living Our Pledge

NE@YJC focuses on Living our Pledge. It is vital that the younger generation is imbued with the necessary values and beliefs as well as have an understanding of how to address the various tensions and constraints to ensure that the Singapore success story continues. Living our Pledge seeks to inculcate students with the knowledge and skills to embrace our diversity and to inspire them to work with the society to overcome the future challenges.


NE @ YJC:  Learning Activities for JC1 and JC2