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College History

Yishun Junior College is named after Mr Lim Nee Soon, who was the king of the rubber industry in 
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Singapore in the 1920s. In Chinese, "Yi" means "high morals and principles" and "Shun" means "not hindered by obstacles". The 
college takes this name for these reasons and because of the pioneering spirit of Mr Lim.

The land where our college stands was once a fruit orchard and fish pond. The architectural design of the college blends, in the words of the architect Meng Ta-Cheng, "today's technology and yesterday's traditions" within a rustic setting. 

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The college began operating with only 634 students led by 34 pioneering teachers. As the college took shape, then Minister of Education Dr. Tony Tan and other officials from the Ministry of Education visited the building site. The college buildings were completed in December 1986 and the college was officially declared open by Mr Tang Guan Seng, Parliamentary Secretary, Ministry of Education on 28 May 1988.

Since her beginning, the college has been captained by six principals:



Mr Francis Wu
(1986 - 1992)



Mr Mohd Said
(1993 - 1997)


Mrs Choy Say Chin
(1998 - 2001)


Mrs Ng-Gan Lay Choo
(2002 - 2007)



Mdm Koh Teck Siew
(Dec 2007 - 2015)

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Mrs Edelweis Neo
(Dec 2015 - )