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College Advisory Committee

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Michael Teo Kian Peng


MR MICHAEL TEO KIAN PENG is the chairman of the CAC. Mr Teo is an alumnus from the first cohort of students, the class of 1986, and has been a member of the CAC since March 2008. He believes that it is important to create a link between the college and the community. As patron of aesthetics and the arts programmes, he supports college events such as Arts Fusion and Arts Week. Mr Teo is currently a senior vice-president with Citi Private Bank.

Allen Chai Chin Liam


MR CHAI CHIN LIAM is the vice-chairperson of the CAC, and has been in the committee since March 2012. As a patron of entrepreneurship, innovation and enterprise programmes, he supports our external collaborations and research projects. Mr Chai is the executive director of Yee Lee Oils & Foodstuffs (Singapore) Pte Ltd.

Thio Tse Gan


MR THIO TSE GAN is an alumnus from our first cohort, the class of 1986, Mr Thio believes that the alumni can stay engaged by sharing their experience with students and staff. With the CAC since April 2009, Mr Thio is the patron for student development programmes, supporting events such as College Day and Graduation Day. Mr Thio is a consultant with Deloitte & Touche Enterprise Risk Management Services Pte Ltd.
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Edelweis Neo


MRS EDELWEIS NEO, who joined the college in 2016, is YJC’s sixth principal, and the secretary of the CAC. 

Wilson Zhuang Wang Xiang PBM


MR WILSON ZHUANG WANG XIANG PBM has been a member of the CAC since September 2009. He is our patron of healthy lifestyle programmes and supports our efforts during events such as Wellness Week and Sports Fiesta. Mr Zhuang is the director of Edventure Holdings Pte Ltd.

Lee Bee Yean Irene


MDM IRENE LEE BEE YEAN  joined the committee in April 2012. She is the patron of aesthetics and the arts programmes in the college and supports events such as Arts Fusion and Arts Week. Mdm Lee is currently the director of King Plastic Pte Ltd.

Ong Soo Ling


MS ONG SOO LING is the newest member of the CAC, having just joined the committee in 2016. Ms Ong is currently Senior Vice President at Bank Pictet & Cie (Asia) Ltd.