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Science Talent Programme

Our college’s Science Inquiry Curriculum (SIC) aims to develop student-scientists and nurture them to be concerned citizens who are proud to be Singaporeans; active contributors who pursue excellence purposefully; self-directed learners who are able to think critically and communicate persuasively; and confident persons who are resilient in the face of adversity.

SIC is supported by the Science Talent Programme which provides a holistic approach to groom our science talents to be the next generation of science and engineering graduates who can contribute in the related fields. The programme focuses on three domains that make up the OLE Framework: Overseas Exchange, Leadership, and Enrichment.

OLE Framework.JPG
                                                                                        The OLE Framework

Overseas Exchange: The Science Department’s collaboration with a high school in Thailand, Princess Chulabhorn Chiangrai (PCCCR), started in 2012.  The overseas student exchange programme offers student participants of both countries the opportunity to broaden their global perspectives by engaging in cultural immersion activities; and to sharpen their scientific thinking skills through science enrichment activities and collaboration on science research projects.

Leadership: Science Council members organise college-wide science enrichment activities.  The activities aim to encourage the use of lateral thinking skills, stimulate diverse perspectives, and develop powers of observation related to real-life situations.  

Enrichment: There are numerous science enrichment activities available to nurture budding scientists and groom science students to be confident leaders. For able and outstanding students, we provide further learning opportunities outside of the classroom through partnerships with scientists and research professors in universities, A*STAR institutes and NIE. Our students participate in science competitions such as Elementz on an annual basis.