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China Studies in English

This inter-disciplinary subject aims to promote students’ awareness of, and interest in, contemporary China. The syllabus focuses on geopolitical, economic and socio-cultural forces related to China’s development since 1978, and their role in shaping events and trends in China and beyond.

The subject aims for students to:

  • gain a broad exposure to issues related to the development of contemporary China;
  • deepen their understanding of the Chinese, their culture and ways of thinking;
  • develop an awareness and appreciation of diversity among the people and regions of China;
  • appreciate the implications of China’s rise as a regional and global player;
  • develop skills in evaluating diverse perspectives on China and arrive at an informed judgment.

Yishun Junior College offers this subject at both H1 and H2 levels. Students taking the subject would have the opportunity to participate in inter-college seminars, academic forums and fieldtrips to China.