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Returning Singaporeans

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(Intake 2018)
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Returning Singaporeans Seeking Admission to Yishun Junior College in 2017

Returning Singaporeans with good academic results are welcome to apply to pursue a junior college education in Yishun Junior College from October 2017 to 5th Jan 2017.

Application Pre-requisites for Admission

1.Your year of birth is from 2nd Jan 1997 to 2001

2. You must have good academic result from your last 2017 examination result in your previous school, scoring at least five
distinctions in 5 different subjects;
    • 1 distinction in English Language,
    • 1 distinction in Mathematics,
    • 1 distinction in Science or Physics or Chemistry or Biology, 
    • 1 distinction in Humanities subject or Geography or History or English Literature,
    • 1 distinction in Mathematics or Science or Physics or Chemistry or Biology
3. Upon satisfying conditions 1 and 2, please download the application form here, print and complete the application form, affix
a recent photo and attach photocopies of the following; which will be checked against the original:

      • documents pertaining to educational qualifications and schooling history
      • documents pertaining to personal particulars (eg birth certificate and passport)
      • parents’ particulars and passports
      • any other documents that would enhance your chance of admission
4.Eligible candidates will be scheduled to sit for entrance tests and an interview. Entrance tests are set for the following subjects:

      • English Language (compulsory)
      • Mathematics 
      • Physics
      • Chemistry
      • Biology
      • Art aptitude test 
Entrance test dates are 22 Nov, 24 Nov, 18 Dec and 20 Dec 2017; and 10 Jan and 12 Jan 2018.

The entrance test for English Language is compulsory as English is the medium of instruction for most subjects offered in our college.

Applicants are strongly encouraged to begin their preparation for the entrance tests as soon as possible. Each applicant is only allowed to take the entrance tests once. 

Outcome Status of Application for Admission 
Applicants are expected to demonstrate the knowledge and skills equivalent to a student who has done well for the Singapore-Cambridge GCE ‘O’ Level examination. 

Any decision taken by the college is final.     
Enquiries/Entrance Tests: Please contact the Admission Executive, Mdm Yvonne Lee at Tel: 62579873 or
Email: yishun_jc@moe.edu.sg 

For other related information for Returning Singaporeans admission, please visit the Ministry of Education websites at https://www.moe.gov.sg/admissions/returning-singaporeans/admission-to-post-secondary-institutions/admission-to-jc-mi/spers-jc-mi